Painting liveries when decals unavailable on model.

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Painting liveries when decals unavailable on model.

Poslaťod agnesjacob180 » 16 Máj 2019, 16:52

Hey guys,

I'm just getting back into putting together model airplanes (commercial airliners to be exact) and my next model that I want to do is an 1/144 Revell A340-300 in BWIA West Indies paint. This aircraft I believe was never made in any scale other than 1:400 & 1:500. I've been looking around for decals for the unique green steel pan livery they had, but I was only able to find A340 decals for the white livery that one of the A340's wore. How could I go about just painting it in this livery instead of using decals? A couple hours worth of google searches really isn't yielding any results.



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